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Flight Lessons

Want to learn to fly a hot air balloon? It is the most romantic and rewarding type of flying there is. Flying in a hot air balloon is often compared to sailing, but in the sky instead of on the water. Although we have instruments for reference, flying with the wind requires a human skill that can't be mastered by everyone. You will truly develop a “feel” for the air and be described as a “seat of the pants” pilot – a true compliment for any flyer. We offer both Private and Commercial Pilot training programs. Our instructors will provide both ground instruction and flight time (10 hours for private license, 35 hours for commercial license), getting you through the FAA written exam and prepared for your proficiency check ride with an FAA approved examiner. Once you pass the written and practical exams, you'll receive your FAA private or commercial pilot's license with a Lighter than Air – Airborne Heater rating.

Ground Instruction per Hour $50 per hour
Flight Time per Hour $425 per hour
plus fuel costs

Private Pilot Package Course
(based on 20 hours of combined
flight and ground school time)

plus fuel costs
Commercial Pilot Package Course
(based on 40 hours of combined
flight and ground school time)
plus fuel costs


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